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Learn how to create Evidence of Practice
in 30 days
and actually pass your portfolio.

The teacher who works hard to make a difference for their kids,
deserves to progress their career

The proven, step-by-step course by evidence coach Selena Woodward, teaches you how to see the evidence in the everyday. How to see how you’re already hitting the standards and to confidently create evidence that will pass accreditation, portfolio assessment and (most importantly) help you improve the impact you’re having in your classroom.

You don’t need to have all your artefacts to get started. You just need to get started!

and what if I told you that you only need to teach a lesson or work with a colleague to get started?

Click the button below to get access to the step-by-step, self-paced course that’s going to show you how to create powerful evidence of impact.

If you're done with the struggles, the overwhelm and the judgement surrounding the evidence gathering process then...'s time to get your Evidence Engine Running!

Get your evidence actually written! We all know that evidence and portfolios is now a fact of life for all Aussie Educators.  Right!?

We also know that, putting together your portfolio of evidence can be hard. It’s time consuming and it can feel overwhelming.

If it were easy to put your evidence together, you have done it already, wouldn’t you? Because you want (and deserve) to progress your career journey! already know that avoiding the process is adding pressure to your workload and stopping you making the progress you deserve to make as a teacher.

I get it! Every time you try and set aside time to get this done in the “next school Holidays”, “ mid semester break” or when you’ve got X, Y and Z all lined up something inexplicable happens and it just DOESN’T GET DONE

Every time those goals slip by, un-met, it can be really easy to beat yourself up, can’t it?
I can’t tell you how many past students have come to me admitting that they’re not sure they’re good at what they do because they don’t seem to be able to put together the evidence they need to get their portfolio sorted.
I totally understand and IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

The Truth is, we were never taught this!

Sure, we might have learned about the standards and professional practice at uni. or a in a PD session. But, as you’ve probably realised…

... there's much more to it than a standards rubric.

At uni, you might have learned to reflect on your practice. But efficient, well written evidence, as you quickly come to learn, works a little differently. Hey, It may even be that, like me, the standards didn’t even exist when you started your career!

If you continue to be in the dark about reflecting with the teaching standards, the process is going to continue to feel like swimming through mud. Your portfolio will never be completed and worse, all the valuable insights that you would gain (insights that will help you to improve your impact on your students, colleagues and site), will remain hidden from you. You’ll be stuck in a place of doubt when…. should be celebrating your practice and acknowledging the impact you're having every single day.

Just like these amazing teachers....

How DO you write a Great Evidence Piece?

One Step at a time...

My years of experience have taught me exactly what those steps are and how to teach them to you.  Even better, there are a lot of tips and short cuts in each of those steps that will help you to create your evidence faster, more effectively and with more meaning.

Imagine if there was a set of step-by-step instructions to help you build that evidence? Imagine if you could follow those steps with precision and simplicity… EVEN if you’ve go absolutely nothing to start with.

Imagine just for a moment you had a step-by-step process for evidence creation that creates space for a level of growth and development you never knew possible.

Imagine if you could follow these steps and create it in as little as one month from RIGHT NOW!
Once you’ve learnt this process, you will have the skills you need to create evidence, at any career stage.  Year after year, pay band after pay band.
Wouldn’t that be nice?
Well, you don’t have to imagine any more! because……it’s here!

Introducing the…

The complete step-by-step program for confidently creating evidence of impact

" the best PD I undertook last year."

“Working through the Evidence Engine course was the best PD I undertook last year. The way it was structured meant I could fit it into a busy schedule and work at my own pace. The online community enabled me to ask questions and seek support when needed. It was also a good way to interact with colleagues who were asking similar questions to your own. My understanding of the Standards was greatly deepened and I am very grateful for Selena and her team for putting the course together and offering it in this format.“”

- Helen Gonsior ,
Cornerstone College
Module 01 Evidence Engine

"No More Hermionie Granger!"

“Thank you for making me hang up my robe and start to think of evidence as a friend rather than a foe. I can now look at the standards through a clear lens and understand how they are designed to support me in my journey as an educator. They are there as a growth tool and an aspiration for the future. Thank you for breaking it open and making it seem clear.”

Rebecca Keough, Primary School Educator

"like a reset button has been pressed and I feel a new way to begin"

“Thinking about the statements discussed and above has actually helped clear my mind of many of the expectations I felt were required in my portfolio. Its almost like a reset button has been pressed and I feel a new way to begin”

Bridgette Redigolo, Relief Teacher - Gathering evidence with style!

Module 01: Clarity and Confidence in Reflection

The fastest way to remove the barriers and get that evidence flowing!

We’ll start with the most important piece of this puzzle… YOU.  To create a powerful portfolio full of amazing evidence of practice, you’re going to need to start thinking like a Reflective Practitioner.

In Module 01 you identify your beliefs about evidence that hold you back - without you even knowing it.

Specifically, we’ll explore three of the most critical areas of reflective practice and the way you think about them.  I will guide you through a process that will get you UNSTUCK and ON TRACK, so you can face any challenge with clarity and confidence, knowing that you’ve got this!

Inside Module #1: You Will:

and then, once you’ve started thinking a little differently, we’ll move on to…

Module 02: The Hidden Secrets of the Focus Areas

Learn the single most important steps to ensuring you're spending your time on the right things!

Most educators think that the goal of evidence is to write about the standards.  That’s where they go wrong.  That rubric has focus areas. Those Focus Areas have descriptors.  The descriptors are where all the clues are!

In Module 02 You will learn how to make sure you're talking about the right things and attributing the right standards.

You will learn what you should really be focusing your time and energy on for maximum impact.  I’m going to share quicker, easier ways to approach the evidence process so that you feel confident that you’re getting it right.  

Inside Module #2: You Will Discover:

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to use those standards confidently to connect your stories of practice to the focus areas and standards.  

module03 Evidence Engine

"Would it be be too corny to say that I have now embraced the standards?"

“I have a great deal of confidence in reviewing evidence now, I know what to look for. It is all so much more clear, and I can easily use this language in my own evidence writing to ensure I am covering the required points.”

John Marriott, Teacher of Aquaculture at Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Module 03: The Art of the Artefact

Solving the mystery of the "quality artefact" so that you can hit your goals faster and with less stress.

Successful evidence is more than just a collection of photographs or work samples.  It contains carefully selected and well annotated artefacts that support your story.

Without a clear understanding of how to find them and what to do with artefacts, your portfolio could fall flat. You need frameworks and scaffolds to help you get this right

So, in this module, we're going to cover how to strategically select and annotate your artefacts so you really drive home the impact that you're having everyday.

Inside Module #3: You Will Discover:

By the end of this module, you’ll be so good at annotating artefacts you’ll know how to coach someone else through the process.  We’ll even give you room to practice just that!

"I loved the Impact Blueprint!"

"Module 4 reminded me of the importance of measuring progress and making it visible to students. I also loved your comprehensive resources to assist how to write an evidence post and linking artefacts to this etc"

Karen Turner, Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning R-6 Reynella East College

Module 04: Teaching Strategies That Create Evidence For You.

The sneaky ways to create evidence without doing "more"

“I’m not sure I’m ready for this accreditation thing…”

Has the voice inside your head ever said that?

It’s such a common fear that nearly all educators feel.  It comes from a lack of understanding of the impact you ARE making in your classroom.

With some simple teaching strategies, I can show you how you can  measure the impact you’re having in your classroom in JUST ONE LESSON, without any extra work. In fact, you can use these techniques at any career stage (HA and LEAD peeps)

You’ll be blown away by what these techniques reveal and very proud of yourself.

In this module you get lesson worksheets, blueprints and a checklist that's going to help you see your impact in under 20 mins. Without any extra work... at all

Inside Module #4: You Will Discover:

More than that, you’re going to have a very clear picture of how powerful your impact is and (if you’re lucky) your students might even teach you about something you can in your practice!

There’s an implementation week at the end of this module to give you a chance to put this all into practice and then we move to…

"Having my work and ideas reaffirmed by someone else was also a great confidence builder"

“The different perspective gained from another pair of eyes is hugely beneficial. Even after thinking I had covered everything, another viewpoint can identify even more areas that are relevant to the evidence piece.

Having my work and ideas reaffirmed by someone else was also a great confidence builder, and allowed me to feel positive about future evidence posts, knowing I was doing the right thing and not blocking my progress due to a feeling that I was wasting time writing about the wrong things.”

John Marriott, Teacher of Aquaculture at Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Module 05: Creating, Sharing and Validating Evidence

The simple strategy that will pull it all together and push your impact further than you imagined

It’s the ultimate goal for every teacher… to reach more students, to increase our impact beyond our own classrooms, to grow your practice.

and to do all that, we need to be confident that we’ve got it right.

I get it.

In this module you put everything you've learnt into practice. You will create two evidence sets, you will have resource to prove it's right and THEN, you get to peer review another's work,

We all know the power of assessment for learning and so, like the good English teacher I am, I’m using my pedagogies to help you REALLY see how far you’ve come. Create, share and validate not only your own evidence but someone else’s too.  

Inside Module #5: You Will Discover:

By the end of this module you will look back at week 1 and realise how far you’ve come.  It’s going to feel amazing.


we’re not done there.  We want to make sure you have a plan!

"Now I have a plan of what to do next and the confidence to keep reflecting"

“I am meeting with a colleague this week to share the wonderful lessons I have learnt here and hopefully decrease some of the stress associated with proficiency. I feel a lot less stressed with the tools and confidence I have gained through this process.”

Sarah Bazylenko, Northside Montessori School

Module 06: Celebrate Strength and Growth Spots

The single most important reason you're creating your portfolio and why you shouldn't miss it.

Most teachers never do what I teach you in this module. They create a portfolio because they feel like they’re jumping through some kind of hoop and they miss the REAL point of a teacher portfolio entirely.

In this module we make sure you have a plan for what's next. You'll no exactly how to read your evidence to find your strengths and to make plans for your professional development. It's time to be empowered by your reflective practice.

When you complete the Evidence Engine, you’re going to walk away with more than just evidence.  You’re going to walk away with a plan.  You will know exactly what to reflect on next (in fact, you’ll never be short of something to reflect on… every again). You will know what professional learning you need to ask for to increase your impact and how to measure the impact it’s had on you and your kids.  

This module reveals the future proof plan that will see you organised and focused on improving the impact that you are having in your classroom every single day

Inside Module #6: You Will Discover:

You’ll have completed evidence sets that pass accreditation or assessment AND help catapult your teaching skills a level you never though possible!

By the end of these six modules, you will have completely transformed the way you think about evidence and portfolios of practice.  You’ll be ready to create a complete portfolio of evidence, you’ll be confident that it’s full of the right evidence and, you’ll be able to teach somebody else how to do the same.

I've helped thousands of educators build their evidence portfolio...

...Now it's your turn!

Your local department for education runs a course on creating evidence, you studied it at university and countless Facebook groups have popped up with heaps of advice in them!

Information about evidencing practice seems to be everywhere!

So, why are so many of my students telling me how tired hey are of wasting hours of their life trying to put their evidence together? Why were they worrying about whether or not they’re writing about the right things. Writing and re-writing and feeling even more overwhelmed! 

Sure, some limp their way over the finish line but so many of us   just get to the point where the whole process stops us in our tracks.  Career progression gets deferred.. again… because our job is hard enough already without all of this!

Thousands of educators out there are being prevented from moving their career forward and understanding the amazing impact they are having in their classrooms.

I’m not ok with that! Are you?

I’m lucky enough to have coached people through accreditation at all levels.  I have worked with teachers all over Australia and have been able to create a toolkit that gets results.  Quickly.

With the RIGHT information, at a pace that suits you, in a step-by-step format that will hold your hand as you go through the process of evidence creation.  

OK. So how much is my Investment?

I want to get this training into the hands of as many educators (and pre-service teachers!) as I can so I can help move us all forward faster. 

Knowing what I know now, if someone had offered me a clear pathway forward with all the guess work taken away… well.. I reckon I  would have happily traded thousands to get back my time and take away the stress!  

Evidence Engine is not just another $49 short course to get some PD hours on your record.  It’s a small investment in yourself and in your classroom practice that will pay you huge dividends in the future.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your career as you continue to confidently work with the standards in a way that removes barriers to career progression and helps you to connect to the impact you’re having in your practice.  It will, honestly, help you become an even better teacher.

Even though this eight week, self paced course is worth thousands, I am 100% committed to getting this into the hands of as many educators as I can and so, until Thursday the 18th of August, I’m taking a huge chunk off the price and offering it to you for just 4 monthly payments of $250. (AUD)

I’m also throwing in a few options…

  • Six Core Training Modules ($1500 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Private Members Only Facebook Group for 10 weeks of community and accountability (Priceless!)
  • BONUS #2: 8 Interactive Group Coaching Calls with the EE Community ($1200 Value)
  • BONUS #3: 7 Stratgies for Managing Stressors ($149 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Jen Refferty on the Neuroscience of your Sucess Blockers ($125 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Work smarter NOT Harder eBook ($49 Value)
  • A One-on-One, review of one evidence set by Selena ($400 Value)
  • 6 One-Hour, Small Group, Coaching Calls ($1800 Value)
  • 1 Small Group "Hot seat" Session with Selena ($300 Value)


4 Paymentsof $250 AUD


6 Months Coaching(5 Available)

Enroll in the Evidence Engine Today!

4 Monthly Payments of $250

(Just $250 today)

For questions or help with your purchase please contact us at

If you don't see results, Get your Money back!

The Evidence Engine is 100% RISK FREE

If, after 30 days, you don’t think you’re clearer about the standards and are able to start creating evidence sets with clarity, certainty (and some celebration) then I’m going to give you your money back!

You can email our support team at any time ( , show them you’ve done the work and, if it hasn’t worked for you, we will happily give you a full refund.

The best part is:
If you think there’s even a slight chance that The Evidence Engine can work for you, you should enroll today.

Because, you can try the first four modules and see if it’s a good fit.  Yes, we might attract some nefarious souls who sign up, pinch our resources and ask for their money back, but that’s ok. It’s a risk we’re willing to take.  You see, our goal is to help as many teachers as possible feel empowered by this process.  If offering this money back guarantee makes it easier for you to take the leap, then we’re going to make it happen!

If the Evidence Engine works for you then, you’re going to get clarity, confidence and a clear step-by step system that will make gathering evidence easier and more meaningful. You’ll develop evidence sets with clarity certainty celebration less stress and in far less time.  You’ll be the one in the staffroom advising others with a  a cup of tea and a cool, calm confidence. 

If it doesn’t work for you.  Just email the team, show us you did the work and we’ll give you a refund.

It’s a no brainer!

Bonus #1: Private Members Only Facebook Group

for 10 weeks of community and accountability

Value - Priceless!

Community is what makes the world a better place. So, with membership to the Evidence Engine, you get exclusive access to our online community.  Accessed via Facebook, to make it super easy to find and work with, this bonus group will be the place to connect and find support.

The group will be available for ten weeks from the day the course first opens.  If you’ve been missing a mentor, needing a pal who gets it, or just wanting a place where you can ask a question and KNOW you’ll get the answer you’ve been looking for then you’ll love this.

It’s also a place where you can access Selena.. LIVE.. once a week..

Which leads me to our next bonus….

“I have loved the coaching sessions and the energy and personality you bring to motivate and inspire us is wonderful. Thank you for offering the Facebook support group, this has been a helpful resource and supports improved connection of the evidence engine members.”
Karen Turner
Assistant Principal

Bonus #2: 8 Interactive Group Coaching Calls ($1200)

Selena will show up live and answer your questions!

Value - $1200

Remember, you want answers and you want support. We want to make sure that you get so good at evidence gathering that you can teach somebody else the entire process… using the awesome materials you’ll get inside of the evidence engine.

Every week, for eight weeks, Selena will show up live for one hour of group coaching via Microsoft Teams.  She’ll be there to walk you through things, to answer your questions and to celebrate every win with you! 🙂 Any excuse for a confetti cannon!!🥳🎆

Bonus #3: 7 Strategies for Managing Stressors

Learn how to Create new pathways to success

Jenn Rafferty Bonus

Value - $149

Co-vid, Floods, Mosquitoes.. we’ve had it all in the last 12 months.  All that AND the pressure that it’s put on you as a parent, a person and an educator.  That’s why we couldn’t offer you this course without adding in a little something to help you stay cool calm and collected. Jen is an amazing educator, certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and MIND WHISPERER.  One of our favourite guests on our podcast, her special talent is supporting educators to move through stress and discomfort so they can show up as their absolute best selves.  I am very excited to off you an amazing webinar where Jen share 7 amazing, actionable steps you can take to manage all these RIDICULOUS stressors that surround you.  She’s going to help you reach ALL your goals by giving you the strategies you need to harness your greatest asset… your brain!

Bonus #4: Work smarter NOT Harder ($49)

Learn how to make time and how to stay in the zone....

Value - $49

It can be hard to make time for this process.  We get that. Teaching is hard enough! We’re here to help make things easier NOT harder.  Remember, the processes you’ll get once you’re in the Evidence Engine will step you through piece by piece until you have an amazing evidence set!

That doesn’t mean we can magically add another 2 hours to your week though… so, we thought we’d share our  quick guide to time management.  Give you permission to say “no” to a few things and share an amazing meditation that will help keep you in the zone.

So, Let's Recap!

When you join the Evidence Engine™, you get access to an eight week, self-paced, online course. FOR LIFE. The modules we provide you with are made up of bitesize videos and exercises that will transform you from struggling, overwhelmed teacher with awful paperwork to do… into empowered practioner, who knows their impact and is happily creating evidence of it…With ease!

That makes everything you’re getting worth nearly $3000!

$2749 to be exact (and that’s not counting that FB group! – priceless!)

Time to Make a Choice

The first choice is to do nothing. Doing nothing though, of course, means nothing changes.

But, if you’re excited to finally understand how to create evidence of practice that celebrates what you and your kids do, helps you to understand how you can grow your skillset AND meets the needs of accreditation and portfolio creation, then choose to do something differently.

Choose to Join The Evidence Engine.

But hurry!

I'm only opening the doors for a short time

This registration period won’t be open for long…

Membership to The Evidence Engine is only open until August 18th 2022. After that, it will be quite some time before you’ll have the change to join again.

You'll miss the chance to join the Course that will transform your skills in evidence creation and reflective practice.

Simply click the button below to get the ball rolling and we’ll be waiting for you on the other side!

Your Most Popular Questions...Answered!

Do you have a pressing question you’d like answered before joining us in The Evidence Engine™? Below, is a list of questions that I’ve been asked before. If for some reason, you don’t see your question, feel free to drop us an email so we can get it answered!

What makes members of the Evidence Engine™ so successful?

Evidence Engine™ was specifically created with teachers (of any stage) in mind. What makes THIS program different than any other course you’ll take on the standards can be broken into two distinct parts

#1: A DIFFERENT MINDSET –  Since the standards first appeared, I’ve been busy working to find ways to make them more meaningful for myself and my students. I don’t just tell you what the standards are, or even what to do with them, I help you experience them in a new way. In an empowering way, that will help remove doubts and judgement and get real results for you and (as you’re working to understand your impact) your students too.

#2: A FOCUS ON IMPACT – Inside, The Evidence Engine™, I talk to you as teachers, educators and adults who have an impact everyday.  Not as someone who needs to do paperwork…

I’ll refocus you and (in doing so) will force you to cut out the overwhelm by showing you what to focus on and HOW to maximize your time.  That’s how you get results faster!

What can I expect when I sign up to the Evidence Engine™?

As soon as we have your details, you’ll be taken to a membership confirmation page (Keep a copy of this, you may be able to claim back any tax!) On this page, there’s a big pink button that says “get started now”. Clicking this will take you straight to the course where you will find a welcome video from me and instructions about how to join your exclusive Facebook community.
All of your log in details will be sent to your email address too so you can easily get back in at any time. Modules are released one week at a time. This makes sure that we all keep on the same timeline for the group coaching sessions and that no one get’s overwhelmed!

I've only just start my degree / career is now the right time?

There is absolutely no pre-requisite of time for beginning your evidence journey. In fact, the earlier you start, the easier it’s going to be when it’s time to compile it for assessment or accreditation.  The more evidence you have, the more celebrating and growth you’re going to experience. Don’t take our word for it, it’s what our students and Edufolios™ tell us all the time! We work with teachers at every career stage – Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead.
The answer to “when should I start reflecting on my practice?” is always now.

I'm a relief teacher... how can this course help me?

Relief teachers have an extra layer of complexity when it comes to reflection and accreditation. Often, you’re not in one place for very long!

That’s why, inside the Evidence Engine™, there’s a module in which we plan, deliver and reflect on a lesson taught. I give you step by step strategies to help you get evidence of impact in only 20 mins of a lesson.

Imagine being able to do that once a day as you relieve? The results create great pieces of evidence and look amazing to the teacher you were covering too.

If you’re a reliever, we’re going to help you see the opportunities you have to impact on the classrooms of others. You’ve got superpowers you don’t even realise you have.. let me show them to you

I don't think I'll have time for this right now....

I hear you! Most days there’s barely time to go to the loo or grab lunch!  That’s why it’s really important to make sure that you’re not wasting time on the wrong things.

We all only have 24 hours in a day. If you’re not getting the coaching and support you need to start getting the results you want for yourself, your career and your students then you’re right… you’re not going to have time for anything else.  That’s why your evidence still isn’t done…

How might things start to change if you learnt how to reflect on your practice and see what was actually working and what you should drop? Wouldn’t you have more time freed up? Especially if your reflective practice starts to help you streamline where you should spend your time.

“I don’t have time” is NOT the reason you should pass up on this opportunity. It’s the reason you should take it, because it’s the very problem we’re going to solve. Don’t forget you get the course FOR LIFE. Get access now and keep accessing it… forever.

I don't have any evidence yet, is this still a good fit for me?

That’s fine! In fact, the whole point of the Evidence Engine is to give you a step by step process you can use, to turn what you do everyday at uni or in the classroom into quality evidence.
There’s a whole module in the Evidence Engine dedicated to showing you how to make impact visible and  how to collect what is revealed as artefacts and annotation.
Not having any evidence is not a problem because, by the end of the course, you will have written an awesome piece, validated it and have a step by step process to follow to gather as many evidence pieces as you like!

Can I get my Money Back if I'm not Happy?

If after all the results I’ve shared with you, all the testimonials and all the resources I’ve shown you, you still have any doubts in your mind (or your heart). I want you to rest assured, knowing that, when you sign up, you have a 30 day guarantee that puts all the risk on me.  That means that if this does turn out to not be what you were hoping for, all you have to do is email us (and show us you’ve done the work) and we’re more than happy to refund your money in full.
I’ll do everything in my power to eliminate risk for you but it will take something from you at this point.  The real risk, is not taking a chance on yourself, wondering if that would have helped.
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