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The Field Guide

Your step-by step guide to building powerful and effective learning experiences for your students

If you’re a teacher, support assistant, reliever or a pre-service teacher looking to get to grips with online and blended learning (whilst still maintaining the usual successful outcomes you achieve for your student every day),  then you already know that it’s time to start thinking a little differently about learning and teaching.

The world of education has been flipped upside down and shaken up.  Education was and is being delivered in new and exciting ways around the globe.  Creating these new learning modes can be daunting, but we’ve still got a job to do and doing it well is a major priority. 

This has all happened so fast and, what would normally take years to emerge in our classrooms, has been thrown at us with such haste that it’s actually pretty hard to catch a breath right now, isn’t it?

Some of us are returning to our classrooms, some of us are still waiting to hear when we can get back to some sense of “normal”.   We’ve been dealing with a deep sense of uncertainty over our mode of delivery and what may be ahead of us as educators. 

However, one thing remains the same for all of us. We have an important job to do.  We’re here to help our students grow and develop the skills they need to make their dreams a reality.  2020 has already brought so many lessons for us all.  Now it’s time to consolidate, keep growing and exploring what these new tools have to offer us.  

This course will help you no matter where you are in your Teams journey.


Here's what you

Might Not Know

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a someone to support you and teach you through this phase, teaching online might seem a little easier but have you remembered…

Successful Online Learning doesn't always look like your usual face to face classroom.

When we’re in our classroom we are used to using our “professional spidey senses” to read the room. You’ve spent years perfecting those professional skills.  You know through body language and noise levels exactly how well you’re lesson is going. 
Did you know there are methods (pedagogies) you can use in an online learning environment that will give you the same information, even if you can’t see their faces? 

There are apps that you can use with Teams to reduce your workload.

From self-marking quizzes, to marking in OneNote with your voice (just like a face 2 face conference), there are tools and apps that work (as part of the 0365 suite) inside of Microsoft Teams to help create assessment and learning opportunities that reduce your workload.  Teams is actually designed to reduce the cognitive load of moving in and out o lots of different pieces of software. It’s designed to help make you more efficient and your workload more streamlined. That’s somethig that worth taking forward whether we’re fully online or not! 

There are times to control your students and times to let them go

Your instincts may be telling you to LOCK IT ALL DOWN but doing so can cause you more trouble than you can imagine.  Allowing students the space to connect with each other, whilst maintaining essential boundaries and expectations is a life long skills that we can all benefit from. Microsoft Teams has settings and tools that will allow you to manage those expectations. A set of tools that as teachers, we don’t always have access to – but we need to know about

Save you time and stress

When you are looking down the barrel of a whole new mode of instruction you simply do not want to be spending hours of your time researching the answers to essential questions.  Instead, you want to be moving beyond what the buttons do and towards a space where you can create lessons that inspire, connect and have amazing outcomes for your students.  Together with my years of experience, Teams has tools to help you do all of that. 

Even though we really have no choice but to offer  learning  and teaching online, the questions and cognitive load that creates for us (and our students) is enormous!

Move my lessons Online? Sure!

But how on earth do I do that?

Perhaps you’ve taken the bull by the horns and have jumped into Microsoft Teams to see what you can do.

You’ve set up a team with some colleagues and you’ve had some fun calling each other, sending each other some funny gifs and setting up an OneNote Notebook to collate meeting notes and lesson resources.

Good on you!

If you’ve been super proactive, you may even have attended a webinar or gone through the education portal on Microsoft’s website so you could explore some of the features that Microsoft Teams has to offer.

But, even with all of that work behind you, with the best of intentions, some educators still end up feeling overwhelmed and unclear as to how to make this software work in their particular context and with their particular kids.

You start building Teams and hoping that it will be OK. You don’t get the right advice about how to work in this new environment, how to check in with you students, what levels of security to apply and, although you’ve got some semblance of the beginnings of a good online space.  You’re so unsure of all the dials and knobs that you feel overwhelmed and scared as you venture into what STILL feels like the unknown.

Here’s why that’s so damaging to your practice

(and your students’ outcomes)

You begin to doubt yourself, your practice and your ICT skills and things get super stressful really quickly.

You’re not alone and you didn’t ask to be put in this position. None of us did. But, do you know what, if you can recognise this as a wonderful opportunity to grow.  A unique moment in your career where you can push past the fear and see what happens, then you will really get to stand out from the crowd.

Especially, if you have someone by your side supporting you and guiding you away from the mistakes and stress others are feeling.

“I’ve worked with Selena in my role as a Microsoft Learning Delivery Specialist, co-presenting professional development for many years. She’s an amazing educator. Selena stands well above others with her outstanding knowledge of pedagogy, curriculum and the AITSL teaching standards. Her knowledge of Microsoft applications and solutions means she is always able to  provide innovative tech solutions to the challenges articulated by teachers and schools.”


Troy Waller

Learning Delivery Specialist, Microsoft in Education

Susan O’Leary

Microsoft Teams Field Guide, Module 1 Participant

“I felt that I gained some invaluable suggestions and ideas about how to operate the class in an online environment, which obviously is very different to the traditional face to face classroom in which I have worked for many years. I also appreciated the Worksheets, the cheat sheets and ways to help reinforce what I have just heard and/or read about the Teams.”

Introducing the…

Teams Field Guide-sel

The complete step-by-step program for confidently creating powerful online learning.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt using technology as an english teacher and a university lecturer and coupled this with all of my experiences as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Global Training Partner  to create a course that does far more than tell you what Teams is and how it works.

The Teams Field Guide is not so much a training program on “Teams” as it is a guide to using it’s features and settings to create powerful learning experiences focused on student outcomes and well being.

Yes, you’ll know what all the buttons and settings do, but, more than that you’ll have see real examples and been challenged to think deeply about how you can use those buttons and settings to create learning opportunities for your students that provide extended opportunities for your students to learn, grow and develop.

The end result: An incredibly confident educator who can not only handle working in an online environment like teams, but can use the features and tools inside it to create impact for their students that equals (if not rivals) that of their usual face to face classroom.

The Microsoft Teams Field Guide is the only course of it’s kind that:

    • Shares examples of real practice from real teachers
    • Empowers your online practice by providing you with options and explanations about how and why each one works. 
    • Has hands on, step-by-step learning pathways complete with workbooks and easy to access cheat sheets 
    • Gives you shortcuts
    • Allows you to see begin the admin curtain so you can understand the real power behind the software. 

Here's How we'll help you get there:

Let me say this upfront...

The Microsoft Teams Field guide is going to give you clarity, insight an inspiration to use technology to increase the positive impact you have on your students everyday.

You’ll be able to create lesson activities for your online environment that create as big an impact as your face to face ones.  

y the end of these 14 days, you’ll have had a chance to have a good look at the resources provided to you, to watch the first the first few lessons of the course and complete some very meaningful reflections that will help you plan how you will implements this skills into your on classroom.  

If, within those 14 days,  you don’t feel like you’re on your way to confidently creating awesome lesson activities with Teams, simply reach out, show us you’ve done the work and we’ll refund your investment in full. More details here.

Ready to Dive in?

Here’s what you’re getting with the intermediate modules today:

3 Modules of the Teams Field Guide (Value $800 AUD) 


  • Bonus 1: A tour of Selena’s Online Learning Set-up via video to help you make purchasing decisions (Value $200)
  • Bonus 2: Access to a private, Member only Facebook Group for Full Teams Field Guide Members (Value $200)
  • Bonus 3: A live Q+ A session with Selena for troubleshooting and clarity in the Private Facebook Group (Value $250)

Total Value: $650 AUD

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1450 AUD

But, when you enrol today you'll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of



Pay Upfront

a single payment of


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