in 35 days

(Without the raging overwhelm, crippling doubt and confusion!)

No matter what your stage (pre-service teacher or experience educator), if you’re looking to gain accreditation (or your course requirements at uni) then, no doubt, you’ve heard someone mutter something about “evidence”, “ePortfolios” and the Teaching Standards.

You know you’ve got to put something together (usually a portfolio of practice)

It’s just a fact of our professional #teacherlife now

You probably also know that, creating your online portfolio of practice is guaranteed to help you to to understand your  teaching better,  leverage your time, increase your impact on your students and, most importantly, help you to celebrate all the great work you do when you’re teaching.

If you’re at uni., (or mentoring a uni student), then you also know that portfolios are now a requirement for all graduating teachers.  You even need one (which follows a very specific format) for  Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher accreditation.

Here's what you

Might Not Know

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a mentor, a place to store your evidence and some experience with the standards (lucky you)… creating a successful online portfolio can…

Help you measure and celebrate your practice

Even if you’re happy with where your practice is right now.  Reflecting regularly, against the standards (and it’s focus areas) will reveal how great you really are at your job and what an amazing impact you’re having on your students.  The more practice you have at using the standards to reveal what your practice says, the more confident, less stressed and in totally in control you will be.  Your colleagues will be blown away by your renewed sense of purpose and you’ll feel like you own the standards (not the other way around).

Significantly Boost the Positive Impact you have on your students and colleagues

Stopping to reflect and having the right knowledge and tools to understand what that reveals about your teaching can show you some amazing new learning and growth opportunities for you. That means purposeful professional learning, increased outcomes for all your students and (if you’re lucky enough to have one) a very happy line manager who knows exactly how to support you going forward

Give you an opportunity to connect and learn from other educators

This can lead to making new and powerful connections with teachers from outside of your site. Sharing learning and teaching ideas and resources and seeing how they implement aspects of their practice. It provides the perfect opportunity to connect with a new virtual mentor or play that role for someone else.

Save you time and stress

When you create a powerful portfolio of practice you can ensure that you’re spending your time on the right things. Proactive reflection means that you have everything you will need for accreditation and registration already. You can use all that extra time however you like. Family? Fishing? Shopping? The world’s your oyster!

Even though the reasons to pursue an awesome online portfolio are a complete no-brainer the path to doing it successfully is anything but

Start Creating Evidence? Awesome.

But where on earth do I start?

Because you know this evidence thing is inevitable, you might have made a commitment to start at some point. 

You took photographs of students working, kept copies of lesson plans and the resulting student work and they’re all sat in a box or folder for later.

If you’re super keen, maybe you even invested in an Edufolio (or some type of website builder) assuring yourself that you’ll use it later. Maybe in the school holidays? It’s too early to start now anyway…surely

Even with the best intentions, educators all around Australia, end up abandoning their evidence portfolio.  Making the pressure to GET IT DONE even more unpalatable

Here’s why so many educators don’t get it done.

Understandably, without a super clear, step-by-step process, most educators are feeling completely overwhelmed by the whole idea.

They have to paralysing gaps in knowledge and understanding which knocks their confidence. They don’t have the support they need to see the wood for the trees.  Often, the way accreditation and evidence creation is  shared with us, can make the whole thing feel scary, judgemental, overwhelming and (if we’re honest) ridiculously disconnected from your purpose as a teacher… Your students!

Here’s why this is super damaging to you and your practice.

As an already busy educator with students to teach, lessons to plan, books to mark and the never ending lists of jobs to do, you literally can’t afford the time to work on something that has no meaning to you.

And the moment you get lost in the confusion of it all, you begin to doubt yourself, your practice and the point of the whole process!

Therefore, having a strong, reflecting evidence base, in which you are confidently growing and sharing your practice, is something you NEED to get right the first time.

and yet, there are still so many educators out there who are stuck,  unable to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to grow, to celebrate and to re-connect with why they do all this hard work in the first place.

Which means…

If you could master the standards, gain confidence with reflection and be clear about “artefacts” and “annotations”, you get the opportunity to totally stand out from the crowd.  To present yourself as chief learner in your own classroom, maybe even your site! To take control of the process and use it to grow your skills and your impact.

That is… if you can avoid some of those crushing evidence creation mistakes that others are making.

The 4 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now

To Create Awesome Evidence

(and avoid the trap of overwhelm, lack of time and doubt!)

This is a process that’s being done to me. 

(This is not for my students or me!)

With the pressure of looming deadlines,  the requirements imposed by departments of ed. and registration boards and the general culture around the standards 

I can see why

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have complete control over how you view this process.  Yes, you need to jump through some hoops to get a certificate or a great grade at uni BUT… that’s not all that this is about.

In fact,

This isn’t about anyone but you, your students and your growth as an educator. 

Rather than seeing accreditation as just “another thing I have to do” change your view point.  Continuing to see it this way means that you’re seriously missing out on some awesome learning and celebrations of practice.

Time to respect this process for what it is.

A chance for you to learn how you’re impacting on hundreds of lives everyday and  celebrate.

A chance for you to learn your growth spots and develop your capacity.

I’m not ready for this and I have no idea what I need to get started 

(You’re doubting yourself and your confidence is not where it should be)

I hear this from so many educators.

When the task feels huge and overwhelming, it can be harder to see yourself as “good enough.

or to know whether what you’ve collected is the “stuff” you need.

If you’re questioning what you should be writing about, then we need to get you re-connected with those standards!

It’s time to re frame those focus areas and crack their code.

Time to realise that they contain everything you need to answer all your questions and calm those doubts.

You have the power to validate your own evidence. The secrets are in those focus areas. I can show you how.

I don’t have time for this

(I’m busy teaching, marking, assessing, communicating with parents…)

I know.  All of us teachers are seriously #timepoor and with all the uncertainty in the air right now, the pressure feels like it’s really on.

Can we be honest with each other about this time thing?  Often, we decided there’s no time for this because, although we’ve made the decision to give it a go, the advice we seek from forums, Facebook groups, the department and our colleagues can overwhelm us, get on top of us and make us feel like it’s all too hard.

If we focus our attention, step-by-step, on the right things, this process becomes valuable and empowering.

Your practice is important.

It’s important for your well being as a teacher – you need time to connect with why you’re doing what you’re doing and the results you’re having.

It’s important for your students too. They want a happy, enthusiastic, empowered and inspired educator who knows what works for them and what doesn’t.


Evidence Engine contains the processes to do all that effectively and quickly.

You have time for this.

This is important.

This is how you increase your impact on your students. 

If I gather things in a box, folder or my head, that’ll make it easier

(I just need to go over it “later” and identify the standards)

Many educators, start to take photos, gather samples, photocopy work and file it all away as potential evidence.

Then they come to turning these items into evidence posts.

They might not have looked at them for months (maybe years) and so, these items have lost their context.

Without a context,  they can not be artefacts.

So, now you’re left with a box full of potential and you’re having to puzzle your way through to piece it all together.

I don’t blame you either. Aretfacts feel important and, if you have no process to use to gather evidence,  it’s logical to hoard as many of them as you can.

However, what if you could save time by being proactive with your reflection..

..By knowing exactly how to use the standards to identify which artefacts you actually need and how you would annotate them?

That’s how Evidence Engine graduates do it.  

They’ve got the skills and processes to create powerful, supported and annotated stories of practice based on what they’re already doing in their classroom.

So much less work.

Shh…I’m going to let you in on a

Little Secret

Hundreds of thousands of educators are attempting to pull together their evidence of practice right now and it’s going to feel really hard for them  – they’re not all clear about the real “why” behind it.

A few of those educators will fight on through and then look back at their collection of evidence with a sense of well earned pride, a feeling of having grown in some way and a desire to keep going and see what’s next. Others will just be glad to hand it over and never think about it again.

And the main reason for this, as you’ve probably realised by now, is that whilst there’s very little stopping you gathering evidence together….

… the barriers towards making that evidence work hard for you are everywhere.

But, as long as you can shift your mindset towards a truly awesome portfolio of practice (full of amazing and insightful evidence that lights you up), the path is paved for you and your fulfilling, exciting and life changing career.

That little voice that makes you question whether you’re any good at this?

It’ll have to shut up! You’ll know exactly what your strengths and growth spots are and, what’s more you’ll have a plan to improve your impact in the classroom even more.

You’ll be able to use use the standards to help you have deep learning conversations. And that paperwork and hoop jumping? That will just become an easy to manage “aside” that happens along the way.

You will have a career that fulfils you and in which you feel something many educators do not, celebrated and empowered.


Because the key ingredient to great evidence, is a set of powerful reflections of your practice.

And, with your permission, that’s what I’d love to show you how to create.

“You gave me an incredible knowledge around understanding the standards, how to use them to benefit me (I own them not the other way around, and I can make them work for me). The small chunks of organised information, the videos and lesson setting out gave me ways to work at my own pace and feel successful as I completed each section. You make me feel confident to acknowledge my success at each step throughout the course..”

Bridgette. , Teacher

“Working through the Evidence Engine course was the best PD I undertook last year. The way it was structured meant I could fit it into a busy schedule and work at my own pace. The online community enabled me to ask questions and seek support when needed. It was also a good way to interact with colleagues who were asking similar questions to your own. My understanding of the Standards was greatly deepened and I am very grateful for Selena and her team for putting the course together and offering it in this format.


Evidence Engine Helen

Introducing the…

The complete step-by-step program for confidently creating evidence of impact

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from working with thousands of educators across Australia  (Through Edufolios; as a lecturer at Flinders University; training through department  programs, the Reflective Teacher Podcast and coaching people through their reflective practice) and channelled it into an easy to follow, time-saving,  step-by-step program that leaves no stone unturned.   A program that, not only teaches you the high level understanding of reflective practice against the teaching standards, but the actual, execution of how you use that to meet accreditation, find areas of growth for yourself and celebrate the impact you have on your students and colleagues everyday.

The Evidence Engine isn’t so much a training program in evidence creation, as it is a guide to becoming a confident, reflective practitioner who really is striving to be the best they can be.

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies to help you get the evidence you need for accreditation, but (more importantly) , you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step plan that gets you to where you want to be fast. You valuable time will be put to good use. 


The end result: An incredibly confident teacher who understands the standards so well they can lift up their practice, increase the impact they’re having on their students and teach others to do the same.

The Evidence Engine is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Builds your confidence around the standards so that you can use them to your advantage
  2. Teaches you how to measure your impact and celebrate it
  3. Gives you step-by-step frameworks and guides that keep you focused and save you time.
  4. Works in bit-sized chunks that fit around your already busy schedule.
  5. Builds your confidence in your teaching as you put your students first and create quality artefacts and evidence as a result.

So, if you’re ready to finally start reflecting on your practice, creating amazing evidence, while avoiding the trap of overwhelm, doubt and lack of time

Here's how we'll help you get there:

The Evidence Engine - On Multiple Devices

Knowing Where we’re Going

With so much information out there it’s a good idea to start with the end in mind.  So, in this module we’re going to clear the noise and connect with what the end looks like.  We’re going to get super focused and get a really clear understanding of what you’re doing, what it should look and fell like and WHY you’re doing it in the first place.

Module Highlights:

  • We’ll look at some great examples of REAL portfolios of practice
  • You’ll take a quiz to discover exactly what your goal is for your portfolio
  • You’ll learn why perfectionism might be holding you back and, instead how “reflectionism” is going to propel your forward
  • We’ll identify, name and begin to remove any barriers that stand in your way to success

Uncovering the Hidden Secrets of the Focus Areas

Now you know exactly where you’re going and why you’re really doing this it’s time to start gaining confidence in what’s expected of you. The answers, are all in the Focus Areas and in this module, I’m going to show you exactly how to use the Focus Areas to your advantage. We’re talking some serious time savers, clarity over whether you’ve got the right artefacts and stories and an enormous amount of confidence boosting here!

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the secrets to the structure of the Teaching Standards
  • Unlock the key to career stages. Finally understanding how our influence expands throughout the four stages. 
  • Flex your new Focus Area identifying muscles by checking some evidence for us (with instant feedback)
  • Learn the “The Four-Step System for Conquering the Standards”

The Art of the Artefact

You’ve got the secrets to making those standards work for you, now it’s time to find the artefacts from your practice to back it all up! In this module we explore where to find them, what a good one looks like, what to do with one and how to get organised and find the time to plan for reflection and annotation. Remember, we want to reduce the stress and focus on the progress you and your students are making together.

Module Highlights:

  • Explore popular frameworks for annotating Artefacts such as PMI, PIN, STARL and CARES
  • Explore how to deal with tricky FAs with multiple elements to cover
  • Learn strategies to plan for your reflection time
  • Connect with your professional intuition and how to value that as a guide to locating key artefacts and evidence.
  • Look at examples of annotated artefacts and evaluate their success, in turn demonstrating your ability to apply what you’ve learnt about applying the standards to an artefact.

Measuring Your Impact

(on your kids, your colleagues and more)

The standards are all about increasing your ability to have an impact on others. In Modules 1-3 we learnt where to find and define what that impact should be. Now, let’s explore how we can measure the degree of impact we’re having. In this module we re-connect with the REAL reason we’re doing this work and learn some tips and tricks to measure and record impact easily.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to plan lesson activities which help us to measure and record our impact during a lesson.
  • Be given the blueprint guaranteed to help you identify and prove impact in your classrooms.
  • Choose, and plan to use, a lesson activity template guaranteed to help you to record progress and impact in learning
  • Plan to identify artefacts of growth and impact and use them to celebrate with your kids during your lesson
  • Access our Evidence Set Checklist


You’re finally going to put everything you’ve learnt into practice. This is it. Time to shine! In this module you’re going to get some support and validation about how you’re applying what you’re learning. Even better than that, you’re going to get a chance to validate someone else’s evidence; learning from them as you go. A great opportunity to find a new mentor by being one yourself.

Module Highlights:

  • Create your evidence set (We’ve got a 10 step checklist to help you)
  • Share your evidence set with another course member and give and receive feedback
  • Explore how to deal with tricky FAs with multiple elements to cover
  • Write another reflective post (standard 6!) about the impact that this feedback has had on your understanding

Organised, Clear and Purposeful Reflection

Now you’ve tamed the evidence beast and learnt it’s secrets. You can confidently reflect on your everyday practice and easily identify the evidence, the artefacts and find the time to connect it all together. Better than that, you are empowered to share this skills and boost others at your site! (That’s very highly accomplished of you!)

In this module we look at what’s next. We explore how to use the evidence and artefacts you’ve gathered to identify (and celebrate) your strengths and find your growth spots. We’ll explore heat mapping and how to use them to set goals for yourself and others. You’ll set yourself a goal and go round again. Using your new skills to identify the Focus Areas and standards you’ll cover, find the artefacts to support it and review your response. You’ve got this!

Module Highlights:

  • Look at example heatmaps and learn how to read them
  • Use Edufolios (or a template we’ll give you) to create a heatmap of your own practice
  • Learn to interpret your own data and set goals from it
  • Set yourself a goal for your next area of growth /evidence set

Let me say this upfront...

In the Evidence Engine, you’re going to get clarity, confidence and a clear system that will make gathering evidence easier and more meaningful. You’ll develop evidence sets with clarity certainty celebration less stress and in far less time

By the end of these 30 days, you’ll have received access to the first four modules. You’re going to have had the opportunity to gain clarity over what’s expected, what’s possible and how to actually make it happen. You will have begun to understand the standards like never before and have already accessed tips and tricks that will focus you and save you hours

If you don’t feel like you’re on your way to confidently creating an amazing evidence set within those 30 days then simply reach out, show us you’ve done the work and we’ll refund your investment in full. More details here.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

The Complete Evidence Engine Training Program (Value $990 AUD)


  • Bonus 1: Lesson Ideas for encouraging Impact  (Value $50 AUD)
  • Bonus 2Private, Members Only Facebook Group for 10 weeks of community and accountability (Value $200 AUD)
  • Bonus 3: 8 Weekly Q +A Sessions with Selena for Troubleshooting and Clarity in the Private Facebook Group (Value $800 AUD)

Total Value: $1050 AUD

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2010 AUD

But, when you enrol today you'll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of



Pay Upfront

a single payment of


Edufolios Members...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students ask before enrolling in the Evidence Engine

0 years.  I mean that.  There is absolutely no prerequisite of time for beginning your portfolio. Preservice teacher or 20-year veteran, this course is for you.

In fact, practising and getting familiar with gathering evidence early means that when you’re ready to put your portfolios together, half the work is done…  

and the more evidence of impact you have the more celebrating you get to do.

The answer to “when should I start reflecting” is always NOW.

This course is for anyone who wants to reflect and create evidence of practice at ANY  career stage. 

We’re going to be working on skills that you will use throughout your whole career. Skills that will help you validate your impact, celebrate your work and show you how to work even more efficiently to increase that impact.

Relief teachers have an extra layer of complexity when it comes to reflection and accreditation. Often, you’re not in one place for very long!

That’s why, inside the Evidence Engine, there’s a module in which we plan, deliver and reflect on a lesson taught. I give you step by step strategies to help you get evidence of impact in only 20 mins of a lesson.

Imagine being able to do that once a day as you relieve? The results create great pieces of evidence and look amazing to the teacher you were covering too.

If you’re a reliever, we’re going to help you see the opportunities you have to impact on the classrooms of others. You’ve got superpowers you don’t even realise you have.. let me show them to you 🙂

In short, the busier you are, the MORE you need a scaffold to success that helps you get results fast.

The Evidence Engine is full of tricks tips and shortcuts that will help you gather powerful evidence super quickly.  

As you’re gathering that evidence you’re going to learn more and more about yourself as an educator.

The Evidence Engine is delivered in short bytes with access to video, audio and written transcripts. No video is longer than 10 minutes and you can work through it all at your own pace.

That’s fine! In fact, the whole point of the Evidence Engine is to give you a step by step process you can use, to turn what you do everyday at uni or in the classroom into quality evidence.

There’s a whole module in the Evidence Engine dedicated to showing you how to make impact visible and  how to collect what is revealed as artefacts and annotation.

Not having any evidence is not a problem because, by the end of the course, you will have written an awesome piece, validated it and have a step by step process to follow to gather as many evidence pieces as you like!

Oh, I hear you! Facebook groups and templates on resources sites can leave you with too much information and in some cases, dare I say it, a structure that makes you take the LOOONG way round.

The Evidence Engine is based on my years of experience working with reflective practice and portfolios and I will most definitely not only explain what Rich Evidence is. I’ll provide you with step by step processes, checklists and examples to help you create it, validate it and understand it so well you can teach someone else how to do it (That’s so HA by the way)


That’s completely up to you 🙂 

In total, this course represents twenty hours of professional learning.  How you choose to schedule those hours is completely up to you 🙂 

When you sign up for the Evidence Engine, you get lifetime access.  This means that you can work at your own pace and around all the other commitments that pull at you.  You can take your time or blast through.  You’re in control.

If you want to work with the rest of the members and share evidence to validate your work, then you’ll want to put aside 1.5 hours a week.  That doesn’t have to be all at once though!

The course is divided into bite-sized lessons with audio you can listen to in the car ( if you like!) and workbooks you can complete at your leisure.


You will get instant access to the course, the course guide, welcome module and any bonuses you collected along the way. 

However, to keep us all moving together and with purpose, I have designed the course to release new content on a weekly basis. This is because I want to avoid any further sense of overwhelm and give you the information in digestible chunks.   

(No rushing ahead Hermionie! This is about quality and mastery not speed)

You will get instant access to the course, the course guide, welcome module and any bonuses you collected along the way. 

Module one starts on the 27th of April and the rest will follow 7 days after the next.

We also have an implementation week on the 1st June where I give you time to go and put into practice what you learnt in modules 0-5 and bring it back for review in module 6. 

Absolutely! I don’t want you to foot the bill unless The Evidence Engine really is the missing link between you and an amazing set of evidence for your portfolio. 

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 days to put the plan into action before making a final commitment.  If you do the work (details here) and decide this course is not right for you, just let me know and we will refund your investment.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

The Complete Evidence Engine Training Program (Value $990 AUD)


  • Bonus 1: Lesson Ideas for encouraging Impact  (Value $50 AUD)
  • Bonus 2Private, Members Only Facebook Group for 10 weeks of community and accountability (Value $200 AUD)
  • Bonus 3: 8 weekly Q +A Sessions with Selena for Troubleshooting and Clarity in the Private Facebook Group (Value $800 AUD)

Total Value: $1050 AUD

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2010 AUD

But, when you enrol today you'll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of



Pay Upfront

a single payment of


Edufolios Members...

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Evidence Engine is PERFECT for you if…

    1. You want to be confident that the information you place in your portfolio will be quality evidence for accreditation.
      After completing the Evidence Engine last year, John was so confident in gathering evidence he was wondering whether he could get his paperwork signed off before he hit the 200 teaching day requirement his state placed on gaining proficiency.
      He said he got…

      ..”a greater understanding of how to reflect and collect evidence.
      More confidence in myself and in my evidence collecting

      More confidence in my teaching

      Does that sound like something you’d like too?

    2. You need a space where you can learn, experiment, get it wrong and then get it totally right. Space where perfectionism is no longer a barrier to your success.

      Right from the beginning, you told me to reset my mindset, that perfection was not on the agenda. Taking that breath after acknowledging that I did not have to aim for perfection was amazing!”                                                                  Bridgette

      Mindset is everything in this game. So many of us feel so much pressure and judgement from the standards… Well… they’re just a rubric and you’re a mega professional!

      The whole first module is about mindset and how, if you shift yours (just a little bit) this whole process gets much, MUCH easier!

      If not being perfect when you reflect in a portfolio is already making you feel antsy… then you DEFINITELY need to get into the Evidence Engine

    3. You want to understand the standards (and those pesky focus area descriptors) so that you can feel totally confident in what you’re gathering for evidence and what that shows about your impact.

      “You gave me an incredible knowledge around understanding the standards, how to use them to benefit me (I own them not the other way around, and I can make them work for me).”


      “I am taking away the knowledge that I can do this – the focus areas are much clearer and I am not feeling overwhelmed by it all”


    4. You like, step-by-step, bite-sized lessons. Lessons that can be accessed via video, audio or transcript. Lessons that have workbooks that help you pull out the key points and remember them. Lessons that contain unique guides and processes that will save you time and give you complete confidence.

      Oh, we’ve got you!

      “The small chunks of organised information, the videos and lesson setting out gave me ways to work at my own pace and feel successful as I completed each section. You make me feel confident to acknowledge my success at each step throughout the course.”                                                                          Bridgette

    5. You want to walk away from the course fired-up and ready for action. In fact, when you get to the end, you want a plan. A plan for what is next.

      “I actually have set goals for future evidence post writing and my professional learning (I am truly excited to aim for these).”                                                                                 Bridgette

    6. You care more about your students and the impact you’re having in your classroom than you do about paperwork. You’d like to know how to use the standards to increase that impact..
    7. You have no problem investing an hour a week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest, is a strategic and meaningful step forward in developing a rich, detailed and powerful evidence set.
    8. In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like writing in a journal, gathering samples of work together, meeting with a mentor, thinking deeply about your lessons and other things you hear you “need” to be doing. The only problem is, without a clear strategy that helps you tie all this together, you’ve started to lose focus and are beginning to feel and overwhelmed by the whole process.
    9. You’re excited to get some clarity about what’s expected, what’s possible and how you can save yourself time. Even if you’ve been side-tracked and let down before, reading all the testimonials above is making you feel a wave of renewed optimism.
    10. You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing that you have 30 days to test it out: It’s simple. If in the first 30 days, you’ve done the work and instead of feeling super confident after an enormously cool “Ah HA!” moment, you feel like it wasn’t working. We’ll refund your money. Just send me and the team a quick message asking us to undo this whole “standards for celebration and growth” experiment. 

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside The Evidence Engine!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

The Complete Evidence Engine Training Program (Value $990 AUD)


  • Bonus 1: Lesson Ideas for encouraging Impact  (Value $100 AUD)
  • Bonus 2Private, Members Only Facebook Group for 10 weeks of community and accountability (Value $200 AUD)
  • Bonus 3: 8 Weekly Q +A Sessions with Selena for Troubleshooting and Clarity in the Private Facebook Group (Value $8000 AUD)

Total Value: $1050 AUD

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2010 AUD

But, when you enrol today you'll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of



Pay Upfront

a single payment of


Edufolios Members...

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